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FC-D Series Laser for Raman Spectroscopy

FC-D series fiber coupled laser is specially designed for Raman spectroscopy, wavelength available from 375nm to 980 nm. The spectral linewidth is optional from 0.1 nm and 0.06 nm according to customers' actual requirements. Housed in ultra compact package, it is the perfect choice for Raman spectrometer, chemical and biological research, environmental science, jewelry appraisal, forensic appraisal, food/drug safety inspection, geological exploration, systems design and integration.


Wavelength (nm)

Output power (mW)

Data sheets

375 1~10
405 1~100
445 1~200 /
488 1~50
514.5 1~30
633 1~50
639 1~200
660 1~200

Wavelength (nm)

Output power (mW)

Data sheets

690 1~450
730 1~450
785 1~450
808 1~450
830 1~100
852 1~450
975 1~450
980 1~450
                   Note: The model of laser is FC-D-X, X stands for wavelength.

     ◆Features of FC-D series lasers:

Long term linewidth/ wavelength stability

Long term output power stability

   ◆Optical Spectra of FC-D series laser:

Optical spectrum of FC-D-405

Optical spectrum of FC-D-514.5

      Dimensions of laser (mm):

FC-D Series Lasers


141.4 (L)×97 (W) ×49 (H) mm3, 1.0 kg 120 (L) ×60 (W) ×37 (H) mm3, 0.3kg



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